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Welcome to Duncans Pig Dog Collars

At Duncans Pig Dog Collars we pride ourselves on quality and supplying a superior product for you and your Pig Dog. We have been manufacturing collars for the retail market since 2001 and now have stockists Australia wide and overseas.

Duncans Pig Dog Collars is owned and operated by Duncan & Karita Ferrier and was run from the family property near Surat in Western Queensland, Australia from 2001 until Mid 2016. Duncan grew up on this property and has been hunting pigs with dogs for over 2 decades. In Mid 2016 Duncan & Karita relocated their family and business to Roma QLD.

Our collars are made of a lightweight, breathable gauze material then covered in seat belt webbing. The webbing is then overlapped and sewn into place to create structure and strength. EXTRA LAYERS of webbing are added to vital areas e.g. Neck & chest.

Using these collars week in and week out on our dogs has saved us time and money on unnecessary injuries and vet bills. Our number 1 aim is to protect your Pig Dog.

So remember when you put one of our collars on your dogs, you are protecting them with the best!!

Happy Hunting
Duncan & Karita Ferrier